In the Sunday, April 10, 2016 issue of the Stockton Record, City Public Works Director clarified the amount of funding shortfalls for city infrastructure. (The City’s 5 year capital improvement plan calls for almost a billion dollars of investment in infrastructure, but still falls short of estimated requirements for investment in infrastructure.)

According to the article, here is where the City is falling short when it comes to infrastructure maintenance:

Roads Funding Shortfall

Stockton gets about 2 million dollars a year in federal funding for road maintenance and improvements, but that only pays for work on major roadways like March Lane or Hammer Lane. The city needs 10 million dollars a year to just maintain the existing roads. That means roads are being short-funded by at least 8 million dollars a year.

City Parks Funding Shortfall

The City has dedicated $120,000 a year for park maintenance and upgrades, but there is already an estimated 12 million dollar backlog in work needed on the parks. That means Stockton’s city parks are only going to fall farther and farther behind over the next 5 years.

City Trees Funding Shortfall

The City needs about 3 million dollars a year to prune, trim, and replant trees. It is currently funding tree maintenance at about 1 million dollars a year. That leaves a 2 million dollar a year funding shortfall for tree maintenance.


Stockton Public Works Director Clarifies Maintenance Funding Shortfalls