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The Footsteps Boundary Surveying Newsletter is a monthly magazine publication that features content from the Footsteps Blog in an easy to read and print format. The content of the newsletter is on boundary surveying, land subdivision, land planning, land development regulation, and real property law topics. Each newsletter will also include a comprehensive boundary surveying work problem to help you keep your skills sharp.


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Available Formats

The Footsteps Boundary Surveying Newsletter is made available in three (3) formats. You can download a PDF version, read it on Google Currents, or buy a printed copy from Mag Cloud.

The audio podcast version of the newsletter is made available in Ogg format and MP3 format. Thanks to Alex Beroza for creating the song “Drive“, which is used for the podcast theme music.

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The Footsteps Boundary Surveying Newsletter is made available for free under a Creative Commons License. However, we ask that working professionals make a small donation to help us continue our work on the newsletter, blog, and articles that regularly appear in The American Surveyor Magazine.


If you would like to sponsor the Footsteps Newsletter, please contact Landon Blake or Angel Padilla. We’d really appreciate the support.

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