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Training Videos On Project Management With Trello

Trello is a great app for the web and desktop. We’ve got a set of videos on our YouTube channel that show you how to use Trello for land surveying project management. There are 6 videos on the playlist. 4 of the videos are directly related to project management. The fifth video shows how to […]

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Record-of-Survey Map Photo

A New Resource On California Record-of-Survey Maps

We are pleased to share a new resource with our supporters. There is a new page on our web site dedicated to the preparation and filing of record-of-survey maps in California. At this time the web page has links to attorney general opinions and letters from the licensing board that are related to record-of-survey maps. […]

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Two Ways To Support Our Work

We’ve got two new ways you can support our teaching work at Redefined Horizons. The first way is to become a member on our Patreon account. If you become a member of us on Patreon, you make a small monthly donation to fund our work. This also gives you access to resources we release early, […]

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New Articles On Professional Ethics For Land Surveying

We are pleased to announce the publication of two articles on professional ethics for land surveyors. These articles were developed as part of our upcoming course on Professional Ethics For Land Surveyors. The first article is entitled “Areas of Ethical Obligation For Land Surveyors”. The second article is entitled “The Weight of Monument Placement”. The […]

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New Video Library On Redefined Horizons

We are pleased to announce a new video library featuring training videos for land surveyors! The video library includes playlists on Trimble Business Center, project management using Trello, working with raster imagery in LizardTech GeoViewer. Take a look at our Redefined Horizon Video Page to watch the videos, or check out the Redefined Horizons YouTube […]

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