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Redefined Horizons doesn't allow banner ads or annoying pop-ups. We don't sell information about you to vendors. All of our learning resources are released freely under the Creative Commons International 4.0 Share-Alike Attribution License (unless otherwise noted). All of our software tools are released under the GPL or LGPL open source licenses.

That doesn't mean we don't have bills to pay. We have to plunk down dollars for web hosting, software, and the people that help us with research, writing, editing, graphic design and marketing. If you appreciate the learning resources and tools we make available to land professionals, you can always become a member by making a small monthly donation.

If, however, you'd like to contribute in a larger way, you can become a sponsor. Our sponsors have the opportunity to share tailored messages about their product, service, organziation, or mission with our audeience. Although the smaller donations of our members are really important to our business, sponsors make a huge difference in our feasability as a business. You'll notice our web site and digital publications aren't cluttered with advertising messages. That's because we believe quality matters way more than quantity.

If you'd like to reach land surveyors or other land professionals with a hand-crafted message, please reach out to us about becoming a sponsor. The best way to do that is to send a short e-mail to Landon Blake, the owner of Redefined Horizons.

Three Ways To Sponsor

There are 3 ways to sponsor Redefined Horizons:

  1. Become a podcast sponsor. Once you do this, we will include a short audio message in one or more of our regular podcast episodes. We can also dedicate podcast episodes entirely to your message.
  2. Become a video sponsor. Once you do this, we will add a short video message to one or more of our regular videos. We can also produce videos that feature your product or service.
  3. Become a digital magazine sponsor. Once you do this, we can help you create one or more full page ads to include in our digital magazines, or we can help you write articles on your product or service that will be included in our digital magazines. (These articles will be clearly identified as sponsored content.)