Book: Practical CAD Management for Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers

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Landon is currently working on a book entitled “Practical CAD Management for Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers”. The book is designed specifically for land surveyors and engineers. It answers their common questions about CAD management. The book discusses the following topics:

  • What makes a CAD management system “practical”.
  • The 3 main parts of a practical CAD management system.
  • How CAD management needs to integrate with management of your team.
  • How you can manage software licensing and implementation costs.
  • How you can boost productivity through software automation.
  • A step-by-step system for developing practical CAD standards for land surveying and civil engineering organizations.

Why The Book Is Needed

CAD management is one of the most neglected aspects of land surveying and civil engineering organizations. Ironically, it is also one of the aspects of these organizations with the most potential for productivity gains. It also plays a key role in organization branding and client satisfaction. There are a couple of existing books on CAD management, but none that are tailored for land surveyors and civil engineers.

Book License

The majority of this book will be released under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License. This means you will be free to update and share the book content for non-commercial purposes. We hope this will enable the book to be a valid resouces for land surveyors and civil engineers far into the future. We also hope this license will make it available to a broad group of students and land professionals in less wealthy communities.

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