California Central Valley Control Network

The California Central Valley Control Network (CCVCN) is managed and maintained by Redefined Horizons and is built from donated GPS data from member companies of the California Land Surveyor Association Central Valley Chapter. The control network covers all of San Joaquin County and portions of surrounding counties, including Sacramento, Stanislaus, Yolo, and Contra Costa County. The control network is built on a primary network consisting of NGS CORS and PBO Stations. The secondary network consists of passive marks, many of them NGS control monuments.

The CCVCN establishes latitude, longitude, and ellipsoid heights on all active stations and passive marks in the network. It also published California State Plane Zone 3 Coordinates and NAVD 88 elevations on all active stations and passive marks in the network. The accuracy across the network at the 95% confidence level is less than 0.10 US Survey Feet.

You can view all releases of the network on Mediafire here.

The Current Release of the CCVCN

You can view the latest release of the network, Version 1.07, on Mediafire here.

You can download and view individual items from the 1.07 release of the control network using the links below:

  1. The Primary Network Map
  2. The Primary Network Table (LLH)
  3. The Primary Network Table (CSPC Z3/NAVD 88)
  4. The Secondary Network Map
  5. The Secondary Network Table (LLH)
  6. The Secondary Network Table (CSPC Z3)
  7. The Secondary Network KML File
  8. The Survey Control Report
  9. The Version 1.07 Release Notes
  10. GNSS Data/Reports Zip File

PRC Compliance and Original Network Survey Control Report

You can view the note on the CCVCN compliance with the State of California Public Resources Code here.

You can view the Survey Control Report for the original primary control network here.

Questions and Feedback

Questions about the control network can be directed by e-mail to Landon Blake at and