California Land Surveyors Real Property Document Library

The California Land Surveyor Real Property Document Library provides land surveyors with a way to uniquely identify, geographically access and provide online access to survey maps and other survey documents not currently in the public record. The survey records included in the library are assigned a simple unique ID that can be referenced on record of survey maps, corner records, parcel maps, subdivision maps, and other documents.

The following process is followed to add survey documents to the library:

  1. A surveyor submits a digital copy of the document for identification and storage.
  2. A unique numeric identifier is assigned to the document.
  3. The document is stored in the online repository.
  4. The location of the document is added to a geographic index. The index is published to the larger surveying community as a KML file for Google Earth.
  5. The surveyor that submitted the map to the library is provided with the unique identifier that was assigned to the document.

This process is voluntary. Reasonable efforts are made to exclude maps that belong to private collections if permission has not been obtained to add maps from the collection to the library.

Anyone can submit survey documents for inclusion in the library, and documents can be submitted for any location within California. (Documents already included in the public recorded should not be submitted for inclusion in the library.)

There is a guide on the design of the library (with submission rules) available here.

You can download the KML file showing the location of survey documents in the library here.

You can download a spreadsheet with document metadata here.

Questions and Feedback

Questions or feedback on the library can be sent to Landon Blake by e-mail at or

Document List

The following is a sequential list of documents provided in the library:

  1. 20130812-01
  2. 20130816-01
  3. 20130816-02
  4. 20130828-01
  5. 20130828-02


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