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Workshop Program: Creating a Land Surveying (or Civil Engineering) Organization Structure That Aligns With Your Business Strategy

Introduction Morning Session This workshop is typically taught in the afternoon, with the workshop “Why Standard Business Processes are Critical to the Sucess of Your Land Surveying or Civil Engineering Organization” taught in the morning session. Afternoon Session This is a 3.5-hour workshop that teaches land surveyors and civil engineers how to create an organization […]

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Event: Phasing Boundary Surveys to Reduce Risk

On December 14th, 2016 Landon Blake will be the volunteer instructor presenting a short version of his workshop “What Do Your Filed Survey Maps Say About You?”. In the workshop, Landon will talk about common shortfalls in the typical practices related to the drafting of filed survey maps. In the workshop, Landon will look at […]

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Event: The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 I’ll be giving a talk entitled “The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS”. The talk will be given at the 52nd CSUF Geomatics Conference, in Clovis California. The talk will explaing what linear referencing is, the problems it solves, and how it works. An example of linear referencing application […]

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