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Workshop Program: GIS Basics for Land Surveyors

GIS is becoming a more important tool for land surveyors and their clients. As geospatial data becomes more abundant, data management and analysis skills are critical to producing value. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of GIS and consider when it can be successfully applied in your land surveying practice. The challenges of moving […]

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Event: OSGeo California 2014 Annual Meeting: Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop

On December 7th, 2014 the owner of Redefined Horizons, Landon Blake, will be giving the talk entitled “Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop (With JUMP-Lib) at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the OSGeo California Chapter. In this talk Landon discusses why multi-threaded programming is important, the challenges to multi-threaded programming, how these challenges are dealt with, […]

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Event: The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 I’ll be giving a talk entitled “The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS”. The talk will be given at the 52nd CSUF Geomatics Conference, in Clovis California. The talk will explaing what linear referencing is, the problems it solves, and how it works. An example of linear referencing application […]

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