Update: Latest Issue of the Cornerstone Boundary Surveying Newsletter Is Now Available

I’ve just published the latest issue of the Cornerstone Boundary Surveying Newsletter. In this issue we continue our article series on preparing boundary survey maps and GIS for linear boundaries. We also review a boundary dispute court case from California and an IBLA decision on PLSS surveys from Idaho.

You can download the Latest Issue of the Cornerstone Boundary Surveying Newsletter as a PDF.

I hope you enjoy reading the issue.


Event: Landon Blake Speaking at 2014 CSUF GIS Day Event

CSUF Fresno GIS Day

I’ll be speaking at the California State University Fresno GIS Day again this year. (GIS Day is on November 19, 2014.) Here is a description of the two (2) talks I will give that day:

Applications of GIS To Land Surveying and Civil Engineering

In this talk Landon will discuss projects from his career in which GIS has been successfully applied to land surveying and civil engineering projects. He will talk about the application of GIS to sanitary sewer networks, the Public Land Survey System, utility projects, flood control infrastructure, conservation projects, survey monument preservation, and large transportation projects. He’ll describe the open source tools he applied on these projects.

GIS Scripting With Java and Groovey

In this talk Landon will show the audience how they can get started in GIS programming with Java and Groovy. He’ll demonstrate how to leverage existing open source Java libraries for GIS and COGO in the Groovy scripting environment. He’ll share some potential applications of these programming tools and will describes students to contribute to the open source software that powers the GIS scripting environment in Java and Groovy.

Event: OSGeo California 2013 Annual Meeting: Mobile GIS Data Collection for Delta Levee Patrol

On December 7th, Landon Blake, the owner of Redefined Horizons, will be giving the talk entitled “Mobile GIS Data Collection for Delta Levee Patrol” at the OSGeo California 2013 Annual Meeting.

In the talk Landon will describe how he set up a system for collection, organization, and reporting of levee patrol data from throughout the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta using a mix of open source and proprietary GIS software tools.

You can download the slides from the talk. You can also download the audience outline.

Event: OSGeo California 2014 Annual Meeting: Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop

On December 7th, 2014 the owner of Redefined Horizons, Landon Blake, will be giving the talk entitled “Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop (With JUMP-Lib) at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the OSGeo California Chapter.

In this talk Landon discusses why multi-threaded programming is important, the challenges to multi-threaded programming, how these challenges are dealt with, and the applicability of multi-threaded programming to GIS. The talk concludes with a brief discussion of JUMP-Lib, an open source framework for multi-threaded geoprocessing on Desktop computers based on the best parts of the OpenJUMP core.

You can download the slides for the talk. You can also download the audience outline of the talk.

Event: The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 I’ll be giving a talk entitled “The Basics of Linear Referencing in a GIS”. The talk will be given at the 52nd CSUF Geomatics Conference, in Clovis California.

The talk will explaing what linear referencing is, the problems it solves, and how it works. An example of linear referencing application to a GIS for stream flow measurement will be used as an example throughout the talk. At the end of the talk, an exercise in GIS design with linear referencing for bridge district operations will be performed with the audience.

You can read information, download files, and find links related to that talk on this web page.