Two New Workshop Pages Published On Survey RFPs and Municipal Control Networks

We are pleased two announce that we have posted 2 new workshop p to the Redefined Horizons web-site. The first workshop is entitled “Creating Better Land Surveying RFPs”. The second workshop is entitled “Maximizing the Benefit of Municipal Control Networks“.

You can view the pages for our other workshops on the Workshop and Talks page at the Redefined Horizons web-site.

Both workshops are taught by Landon Blake.


Training Videos On Project Management With Trello

Trello is a great app for the web and desktop. We’ve got a set of videos on our YouTube channel that show you how to use Trello for land surveying project management. There are 6 videos on the playlist. 4 of the videos are directly related to project management. The fifth video shows how to use Trello for business devlopment. The sixth video shows you how to use Trello for general task management. Contact us if you are willing to share how you are using Trello in your organization.

New Articles Published In Issue #186 of California Surveying Magazine

We are pleased to announce the publication of 3 new articles on land surveying written by Landon Blake. The articles were published in Issue #186 of the California Surveyor Magazine. The articles are entitled:

  • Monument Destruction – Why Does It Continue? Why Do We Allow It?
  • A Review Of Hero Versus Hooper Land Company
  • A Review Of IBLA 37-132

You can download Issue #186 of the California Surveyor Magazine on the CLSA web site.

Landon is the volunteer editor for the California Surveyor Magazine. He is now working on Issue #187, which will include these articles:

  • The Challenge of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers In Private Practice
  • Don’t Become A Talent Farm For Your Land Surveying And Civil Engineering
  • A Review Of Stevens Versus Peyton
  • Make Sure That Prospective Client Is A Good Fit For Your Land Surveying Organization – It Only Takes 3 Minutes

We’ll post here when Issue #187 is available.

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