Event: San Diego “Determining Land Boundaries” Workshop

Landon Blake, the owner of Redefined Horizons, will be teaching a workshop entitled “Determining Land Boundaries” in San Diego, California on September 9, 2016. The workshop will be managed by Half Moon Workshops. Details on the time and specific location will be coming soon.

You can learn more about the “Determining Land Boundaries” Workshop here.


Event: “Determining Land Boundaries” Workshop Scheduled For August 5, 2016 in Santa Barbara

On August 5, 2016 Landon Blake, an instructor of On Point Workshops, will teach a class entitled named “Determining Land Boundaries”. The workshop will be hosted by Half Moon Seminars.

The location will be determined soon. You can learn more about the “Determining Land Boundaries” workshop here.

Extra Bits: Additional SketchUp Links

I got a few really good questions from suveyors during my workshop on Conceptual 3D modeling in Trimble SketchUp today. My friend Dane asked about using SketchUp to understand shadows on a site. Another surveyor asked about working with terrain models, and a third surveyor asked about using building photos to create models. I promised my audience members I would share a few additional links on these topics.

Working With Surface Models in SketchUp

SketchUp Help Article on Modeling Terrain:

SketchUp Help Article On Working With Existing TIN Models:

YouTube Video Tutorial on the SketchUp Sandbox Tools:

SketchUp Shadows

SketchUp Help Article on casting real world shadows:

SketchUp Photo Match

SketchUp Help Article on Photo Match


Best Plug-Ins for SketchUp

I also mentioned to my audience that I would try to post a list of the best SketchUp Plug-Ins.

Jim Leggitt – SketchUp Artist

I also told my audience members about Jim Leggitt, who creates urban planning an architecture drawings with a hybrid method using SketchUp models and traditional hand sketching techniques. Here are some links to information online from or about Jim:

SketchUp Basecamp Video on Jim’s Hybrid Drawing Technique

SketchUpArtists Article on Jim and his work:

Jim’s SketchUp Workshop Web Page:

Jim’s video tutorial for SketchUp on YouTube:

Jim’s article on drawing aerial perspective’s in SketchUp:

Here are a couple of articles related to SketchUp from Jim’s blog:

SketchUp and Point Clouds

One of the surveyors at my workshop asked about working with point cloud data in SketchUp. Another audience member let me know that Trimble has an Extension that brings data from point clouds into SketchUp. (The extension only works with SketchUp Pro, and you also have to have a license of Trimble Realworks.)

Here is a link to the extension page:

Here is a link to a blog post about the extension:

Event: OSGeo California 2013 Annual Meeting: Mobile GIS Data Collection for Delta Levee Patrol

On December 7th, Landon Blake, the owner of Redefined Horizons, will be giving the talk entitled “Mobile GIS Data Collection for Delta Levee Patrol” at the OSGeo California 2013 Annual Meeting.

In the talk Landon will describe how he set up a system for collection, organization, and reporting of levee patrol data from throughout the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta using a mix of open source and proprietary GIS software tools.

You can download the slides from the talk. You can also download the audience outline.

Event: OSGeo California 2014 Annual Meeting: Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop

On December 7th, 2014 the owner of Redefined Horizons, Landon Blake, will be giving the talk entitled “Multi-Threaded Geoprocessing for the Desktop (With JUMP-Lib) at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the OSGeo California Chapter.

In this talk Landon discusses why multi-threaded programming is important, the challenges to multi-threaded programming, how these challenges are dealt with, and the applicability of multi-threaded programming to GIS. The talk concludes with a brief discussion of JUMP-Lib, an open source framework for multi-threaded geoprocessing on Desktop computers based on the best parts of the OpenJUMP core.

You can download the slides for the talk. You can also download the audience outline of the talk.

Event: Create a Land Subdivision Concept 3D Model In Trimble SketchUp

On Friday, January 25, 2013 Landon Blake will be giving a talk entitled “Create a Land Subdivision Concept 3D Model in Trimble SketchUp”. The talk will be given at the 52nd CSUF Geomatics Conference, in Clovis California.

In this talk the audience will learn how to use Trimble SketchUp to create and render a 3D model of a small mixed use commerical and residential subdivision.

You can read information, download files, and find links related to that talk on this web page.



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