Event: Landon Blake Speaking at 2014 CSUF GIS Day Event

CSUF Fresno GIS Day

I’ll be speaking at the California State University Fresno GIS Day again this year. (GIS Day is on November 19, 2014.) Here is a description of the two (2) talks I will give that day:

Applications of GIS To Land Surveying and Civil Engineering

In this talk Landon will discuss projects from his career in which GIS has been successfully applied to land surveying and civil engineering projects. He will talk about the application of GIS to sanitary sewer networks, the Public Land Survey System, utility projects, flood control infrastructure, conservation projects, survey monument preservation, and large transportation projects. He’ll describe the open source tools he applied on these projects.

GIS Scripting With Java and Groovey

In this talk Landon will show the audience how they can get started in GIS programming with Java and Groovy. He’ll demonstrate how to leverage existing open source Java libraries for GIS and COGO in the Groovy scripting environment. He’ll share some potential applications of these programming tools and will describes students to contribute to the open source software that powers the GIS scripting environment in Java and Groovy.