Landon Blake’s Bio

Landon works as a land surveyor in the Central California and Western Nevada. He is licensed in California and Nevada. He is a Certified Federal Surveyor.

Professional Objectives

Landon’s most important professional objectives are to:

  1. Contribute to the design and construction of beautiful, healthy and economically productive communities in his region. (His efforts in this area include helping my communities with 4 key challenges: Reducing flood control risk, ensuring a secure and sustainable water supply, providing affordable housing close to work/shopping/entertainment, and protecting prime farmland and wild places.)
  2. Help public agencies effective design and deliver intelligent public works, while being a good steward of tax dollars.
  3. Help private developers effectively design and deliver commercial, industrial, and mixed use projects.
  4. Improving the quality of and ethics of professional land surveying in my region.
  5. Mentoring and training future land survey, GIS, land title, and land use professionals.
  6. Developing open source software and open technology standards to eliminate vendor lock-in, improve government transparency, and improve data sharing and collaboration.

Helping Clients

Landon primarily help his clients by:

  1. Navigating land use planning and land subdivision regulations.
  2. Identifying and minimizing boundary survey and land title risks.
  3. Using his knowledge of surveying and GIS to improve the design and construction process.
  4. Educating his clients about the appropriate application of new technology, like mobile GIS, drone mapping/remote sensing, and terrestrial laser scanning.
  5. Favorite Types of Projects

Favorite Project Types

Landon’s favorite types of projects are:

  1. Large public works projects. (Roads, pipelines, dams, levees, canals, bridges, and railroads.)
  2. Innovative urban infill and mixed-use developments.
  3. Large boundary surveys for agricultural, industrial, or public land holdings.
  4. System-wide GIS implementations with an emphasis on land parcels and public infrastructure.
  5. 3D modeling and the generation of maps and construction plans from 3D models.
  6. High-quality cartography and wayfinding.

You can view projects from his past work as a land surveyor and GIS professional on Carbonmade.

Open Source Advovate

Landon is an advocate of open source software, open hardware, and open technology standards., He designs and implements custom software in Java, C#, Python, Ruby and AutoLISP. He works with the open source graphic design programs Inkscape and Scribus. He regularly uses open source software like the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, Libre Office, and Mozilla Thunderbird. He runs several computers on the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Personal Background

Landon grew up in Northwestern Montana, on his parent’s property just outside the boundary of Glacier National Park and 60 miles south of the US/Canada border. He attended the land surveying program at Flathead Valley Community College where he graduated with an AAS in land surveying. Landon moved to Stockton, California in 2002. In Stockton he met his wife Monique. They bought a small house in south Stockton in 2008. Landon currently works as the Central Valley Area Manager for Guida Surveying in Manteca, California. Landon enjoys hiking, backpacking, landscape photography, code slinging, Labrador Retrievers, and grilling juicy tri-tip on his backyard BBQ. Landon doesn’t like to eat vegetables, to dip sewer manholes, or to hang out with people that don’t like Labrador Retrievers.

Volunteer Work

Landon volunteers with several organizations. At the non-profit advocate of open source geospatial software the OSGeo he serves as an author, editor, and reviewer for the OSGeo Journal. Landon also serves as a member of the OSGeo Incubation Committee. He is currently the OSGeo Board Representative for the California Chapter of OSGeo and is responsible for organizing the chapter’s annual meeting.

Landon serves as the volunteer editor of the California Surveyor Magazine (publication of the California Land Surveyors Association) and is a member of the CLSA Orange County Chapter.

Landon also participates in the California Geodetic Control Working Group and maintains the California Central Valley Survey Control Network.