Update: May 2015 Issue of Footsteps Magazine Published

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the May 2015 Issue of Footsteps Magazine. This is a major overhaul of the Footsteps Boundary Surveying Newsletter that was previously published by Redefined Horizons. Those changes include:

1) The layout of the articles has been modified. Each article now starts at the top of a new page. This should make it easier for you to locate the articles you are interested in. It also makes layout easier for our graphic design staff and helps them to publish the content in other formats and and on other channels, like our web site.

2) We’ve broadened the scope of our content. The Footsteps Boundary Surveying Newsletter was focused on boundary surveyors. In contrast, Footsteps Magazine will cover topics related to all aspects of the United States Real Property System. We will continue to cover topics important to boundary surveyors, but will also include content related to land development, land use planning, land title, and land management.

We hope that you will be pleased with these changes. We also hope our broader scope will appeal to readers that aren’t land surveyors, but that work in related professions. We believe this broader audience will increase understanding and cooperation between land surveyors and the other professionals that play important roles in the United States Real Property System. These professionals include land title officers, GIS analysts, land developers, land planners, realtors, land attorneys, and even real estate lenders.

In our July issue you will find a review of several court cases. These cases include:

1) A dispute over a riparian boundary that formed the common border between Mississippi and Lousiana.

2) A Interior Board of Land Appeals decision about a color-of-title application for mineral claims in Nevada. (This is the first article in a new series that will cover IBLA decisions.)

3) A dispute about zoning changes and denial of a site plan application in the Town of Brookhaven.

We also continue our articles series on the modern metes and bounds land description package, the roots of the United States real property system, and the development of a GIS scope-of-services for a digital land parcel management. We also start two (2) new article series in this issue. The first is on the basics of land use planning law. The second is about the application of GIS to the maintenance and improvement of the Public Land Survey System.

You can send your comments and questions on our new format and our articles to sunburned.surveyor@redefinedhorizons.com.

You can download the May 2015 Issue of Footsteps Magazine as a PDF.

Landon Blake