Mission and Operating Principles

The mission of Redefined Horizons is to:

  • Provide high-quality and entertaining education to land surveyors and other professionals involved in the real property system.
  • Improve the professional and ethical standards to which land professionals adhere.
  • Enhance the practice of land surveying with concepts and practices from geography, cartography, GIS, computer programming, history, and mathematics.
  • Promote mutual respect between professions and specializations within professions.

Our operating principles are:

  • To use open source software whenever possible.
  • To provide affordable services by reducing waste and keeping our overhead costs low.
  • To encourage creative thinking.
  • To allow for learning and implementation of new ideas by maintaining a balanced attitude towards mistakes and failure.
  • To treat our clients and customers as real people. We will come to know them personally. We will never let them deal with automated interfaces when it is possible for them to interact with a real person.
  • To focus on quality, not on quantity. We will do only a few things, but we will do them well.
  • To challenge accepted practices and established knowledge, and seek to improve these whenever possible.