Other Resources

Check back here soon for information on books, podcasts, lists, and software tools from created and maintained by others that are useful to land surveyors and land professionals. If you have resources for land professionals that you'd like to list on this page, please contact us with the details.


Econtalk: Econtalk is the best all-time business and economics podcast. New podcasts are released weekly, and you can download all the past episodes for free from their website.

Planet Money: Planet Money is a great podcast on economics and business by NPR. This regular podcast has great story telling and lots of lessons for bussiness owners and managers.

Freakanomics: The Freakanomics podcast is a quirky look at the economics of everyday life. It is very entertaining and regularly contains small gems of practical economic or business wisdom.

The Cato Daily Podcast: The Cato Daily Podcast is a short daily podcast from the Cato Institue, a Libertarian think-tank. It occasionally has interesting episodes on land planning, land development, professional licensing and government regulation.

Recommended Magazines on Business and Economics

The Harvard Business Review: If you only shell out some greenbacks for one of the resources on this page, make it a subscription to the Harvard Business Review Magazine. I've learned all types of practical business management and business strategy from the articles in this magazine. They are well written and thought-provoking.

The Economist Magazine: Th Economist Magazine is less practical than the Harvard Business Review, and has more coverage of economic news and policy from around the globe. However, the magazine also has regular analysis on business strategy, economics, and technology. It's worth the subscription price if you want to be a serious student of business and economics.

Recommended Books on Business and Economics

Blue Ocean Strategy: If you only read one book on strategy from this web page, make it the book Blue Ocean Strategy!! The book covers the concept of blue ocean strategy in great detail and will change the way you think about your business or organization.

HBR 10 Must Reads On Strategy: The book HBR 10 Must Reads On Strategy is a great collection of articles on business strategy. You look at your business or organization very differently after reading just the first chapter of this book.

Recommended Magazines on Land Surveying

The American Surveyor: The American Surveyor Magazine occasionally has interesting articles related to land surveying history or land law. A subscription to the magazine is free for qualified readers and most of their content can be read for free on the magazine web site.

Point of Beginning Magazine: Point of Beginning Magazine occasionally has interesting articles related to land surveying history or land law. It also has a regular column on business by Milton Denny and a column on land law and boundary surveying by Jeff Lucas. A subscription to the magazine is free for qualified readers and most of their content can be read for free on the magazine website.


OpenJUMP: OpenJUMP is my favorite little desktop GIS program.

QGIS: QGIS is another great little desktop GIS program. It does a few things very well that OpenJUMP can't.

Inkscape: Inkscape is the best vector graphics and drawing program in the Universe!!! It is used for all of the vector graphics and diagrams in publications, books, and slide shows created by Redefined Horizons.

Scribus:  Scribus is a great desktop publishing program. We use it at Redefined Horizons to produce almost all of our PDF publications.

Jetbrains: Jetbrains is my favorite Integrated Development Environment for Java coding. You can also check out Netbeans and Eclipse.

Excel DNA: Excel is a favorite tool of land surveyors and civil engineers. Use Excel DNA and a little C# or Visual Basic to juice your spreadsheets!


Other Resources

The Wall Street Journal Property Report: The Wall Street Journal Property Report is a good source of short articles on the latest trends and news in real estate and land development.