Our Team


Redefined Horizons is a small, family owned business based on Stockton, California. Redefined Horizons is owned by Landon Blake and his wife, Monique Blake.

Landon Blake

Landon Blake has worked in Central California as a land surveyor for the past 15 years. He specializes in surveys to support large infrastructure projects like dams, roads, bridges, canals, and pipelines. Landon teaches at surveying events around the Western United States. He has also written for the American Surveyor Magazine, xyHt Magazine, and the California Surveyor Magazine.

Landon is in charge of content generation, teaching and strategy at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Landon at landon.blake@redefinedhorizons.com.

Landon Blake Business Portrait

Monique Blake

Monique Blake has been involved in education in Central California for over 20 years. She is a native of Stockton, California.

Monique is the Manager of Events and Publications at Redefined Horizons.

You can contact Monique by e-mail at monique.blake@redefinedhorizons.com.


Nathan Martin

Nathan grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and is a freshman at Cornell University. He studies urban planning, and is especially interested in problems of land use and economic development. On campus, he is involved in DesignConnect, an interdisciplinary team of landscape architects, urban planners, and architects working on projects for clients across the Upstate New York area. In his free time, he enjoys time with friends, watching movies, and outdoor activities like fishing and kayaking.

Nathan is currently researching and writing articles on land use planning and economic development at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Nathan at nathan.martin@redefinedhorizons.com.