This is the web page for the Redefined Horizons Podcast. This podcast offers the content from our articles on land surveying, land planning and business in a convenient audio format. The podcast episodes are posted in both Ogg and MP3 format. Please feel free to download and to embed the podcasts. All of the podcasts are released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

The podcasts episodes (with the show notes) are listed below in reverse chronological order. (The newest epidsodes are listed first.) You can also listen to the Redefined Horizons Podcast on SoundCloud.


List Of Available Episodes

Redefined Horizons Podcast Episode #3: The Benefits And Limitations Of Court Decision Review

Show Notes

Redefined Horizons Podcast Episode #2: A Review Of Sharma Versus Tyannikov

Show Notes

  • Link to PDF Article "A Review Of Sharma Versus Tyannikov".
  • You should be able to count this podcast as 0.50 professional development hours as a land surveyor, land attorney or land planner in most jurisdictions. (Check with the organization that mandates your professional development hours.)

Redefined Horizons Podcast Episode #1: A Review Of Lynch Versus The California Coastal Commission

Show Notes