Redefined Horizons Is Winding Down

I’m very sad to announce that I’m winding down Redefined Horizons. It isn’t going away completely, but its scope of activities will be a lot smaller and the learning resources will be published much less frequently here. Let me tell you what is going away. You won’t see anymore of the following learning resources here:

  1. The Cornerstone Boundary Surveying Magazine
  2. The Redefined Horizons Client Newsletter
  3. The Redefined Horizons Podcast

You might still see one of these learning resources posted now and then:

  1. The California Supremes On Land and Water
  2. Featured Articles

I may start to transition all of the articles and podcasts that are currently hosted here to my personal web-site, I haven’t made a final decision on that yet.

I’m also cancelling nearly all of my in-person workshops and online webinars after a course I’m teaching for the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors in the Fall of 2018. I may still teach at a surveying conferences when invited, but I’m not pursuing that anymore either.

I still believe there is a real need for quality online education for land surveyors and other land professionals. However, I also recognize my efforts to meet these needs with quality content in a profitable business model have failed, for a number of reasons. It is time for me to focus my energy on other ideas where I can be more successful.

If this old system of things grinds on long enough, and I manage to stay healthy, I may return to this adventure when my day job isn’t so demanding of my time and energy. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve learned a lot by managing this business. I hope the resources I leave online will still benefit young surveyors around the United States.

Landon Blake

Owner of Redefined Horizons

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