How We Can Help

Redefined Horizons can help you meet the challenges of managing human talent in your land surveying or civil engineering organization. Please take advantage of the free learning resources we make available on this website as a first step!

We can offer help beyond our free learning resources if you need them. This help is offered by land surveyors and other land professionals with many years of practical working experience. Our opinions provided with these services are honest, straightforward, and based on a humble understanding of the complexity of the work land professionals perform and the difficulty of running an excellent surveying business or organization. If you are looking for honest advice on how you can improve the management of your team of land professionals, without sugar coating or fluff, please reach out to us.


List of Our Services

  1. Customized training.
  2. The design of professional development programs.
  3. Evaluation of your business strategy and its execution.
  4. Evaluation of your current compensation packages and other team member performance incentives.
  5. Assistance with the design of business strategy.
  6. Assistance with the design of your human talent management program.
  7. Assistance with programs to enable critical knowledge transfer.
  8. Definition of roles and job descriptions.
  9. Integration of job descriptions into your organization structure, compensation program, and business strategy.
  10. Evaluation of technology and its role in your business strategy.