Stockton Chiseled Cross Monument Preservation Project


Chiseled or scribed crosses or plusses have been set for several decades in many older parts of Stockton. These chiseled crosses mark the location of block corners, street right-of-way, and can be used to determine the location of parcels within the blocks. These crosses are often destroyed when the sidewalk on which they were set are destroyed during sidewalk repair or street improvement projects.

I’m currently working as a volunteer in harmony with the California Land Surveyor Association Central Valley Chapter’s Monument Preservation Outreach Project to preserve as many of these chiseled cross monuments as possible. This volunteer project consists primarily of an effort to have the chiseled crosses are cataloged, photographed, and surveyed.

You can find the location of many Chas Widdows survey maps, which often show the location of chiseled cross monuments in Stockton, by using the filed survey map index for San Joaquin County that Redefined Horizons maintains.