Workshops and Talks

Landon teaches a number of workshops and speaks in a variety of topics related to land surveying, land use, and real property. Below is a partial list of the seminars we offer. Clink on a talk/workshop title in the list below to read a brief description and to view the program/outline.

Boundary Surveying and Land Title

GIS and Other Technologies

  • GIS Basics for Land Surveyors with OpenJUMP
  • GIS Design Basics
  • A System for Creating High-Quality Parcel GIS Data
  • Modeling the Public Lands Survey System in a GIS
  • Using GIS for Land Development Projects Site Selection
  • 3D Concept Subdivision Modeling in Trimble SketchUp
  • Working With Land Survey Data and Records for Land Parcels
  • The Business Case For Greater Land Surveyor Involvement In GIS
  • Lessons From An Early Drone Mapping Program
  • Managing GIS Parcel Layers
  • Working With Geospatial Data in Excel
  • Evaluating the Quality of GIS Parcel Data
  • Why Drones Are Going To Eat Land Surveyors For Breakfast

Land Development and Land Use Planning

  • The Basics of Land Development Regulations in California
  • Understanding the Basics of Land Zoning
  • Smarter Subdivision Design
  • Understanding the Land Subdivision Process
  • 3D Subdivision Concept Modeling In Trimble SketchUp

Geodesy and Survey Control

Design and Construction

  • Stakeless Construction – The Implications for Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Firms
  • The %100 Digital Infrastructure Construction Project
  • The Role For Land Surveyors In Modern Construction Services

Right-of-Way Services

Computer Aided Drafting

  • Practical CAD Management for Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers
  • Integrating AutoLISP With Your CAD Standards
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Management for Land Surveyors
  • Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D Label Styles for Points, Lines, Alignments, and Surfaces
  • Automated Survey Drawings With Civil 3D
  • Best Practices for Moving Data Between GIS and CAD
  • Integrating BricsCAD or Draftsight and AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Practical AutoLISP Programming: The Basics
  • Practical AutoLISP Programming: Intermediate Topics
  • Practical AutoLISP Programming: Intermediate Topics
  • Customizing AutoCAD Civil 3D With C#
  • The 5 Most Important AutoCAD Features and Tools Ignored By Land Surveyors And Civil Engineers