The Practical Guide to JTS

Redefined Horizons is currently working on a book about the JTS Topology Suite. JTS is a great Java library for 2D geometry calculations and is used in a number of open source GIS programs, including the Desktop GIS OpenJUMP. JTS has also been ported from Java to other programming languages, including C# and C.

The Practical Guide to JTS takes the experienced Java programmer on a thorough tour of the library. It teaches the core parts of the JTS library and shows programmers how they can use JTS to add basic 2D geometry functions to their own software.

Here is a preliminary table of contents for the book:

    • Chapter 01: A Short History of JTS
    • Chapter 02: Coordinates
    • Chapter 03: The Basic Geometry Types
    • Chapter 04: Geometry Collections
    • Chapter 05: Spatial Indices
    • Chapter 06: Spatial Analysis
    • Chapter 07: Linear Referencing
    • Chapter 08: TINs
    • Chapter 09: Input/Output
    • Chapter 10: Topology and Graphs
    • Chapter 11: Utility Code
    • Appendix 01: Painting Geometries
    • Appendix 02: Adding Attributes to Create Simple Features
    • Appendix 03: COGO With JTS Warped