Two Ways To Support Our Work

We’ve got two new ways you can support our teaching work at Redefined Horizons. The first way is to become a member on our Patreon account.
If you become a member of us on Patreon, you make a small monthly donation to fund our work. This also gives you access to resources we release early, exclusively to our Patreon members.

The second way to support us is by becoming a sponsor. You can sponsor our videos, digital magazines, or podcasts. Sponsors have an opportunity to be recognized on our web site for their support, and to deliver their message to our audience.

Why do we need your help? We release all of our learning resources under a Creative Commons license. That means you don’t have to pay for the content, and the content can be freely shared. However, we still need to pay our bills. This includes costs for software, web hosting, and help with the production and editing of our media.

Thanks for your support.