Volunteer Projects

Redefined Horizons is currently working on three (3) volunteer projects.

The Stockton Chiseled Cross Monument Preservation Project

The goal of the Stockton Chiseled Cross Monument Preservation Project is to preserve chiseled cross property corner monuments in the older parts of Stockton, California. This goal is achieved using the following two processes:

  1.  The creation of a GIS to catalog chiseled cross location and condition.
  2. Field surveys to establish survey grade locations on chiseled cross property corner monuments.

The San Joaquin County Filed Map Index

Redefined Horizons manages a volunteer project to produce and maintain a GIS index for filed survey maps in San Joaquin County. This includes record of survey maps, parcel maps, subdivision maps, and corner records. The spatial index of the survey maps created using GIS technology is made available at no charge in ESRI Shapfile and CAD format.

The San Joaquin County PLSS Maintenance and Improvement Project

In this project Redefined Horizons works with survey volunteers to create and maintain a GIS for the Public Land Survey System in California. A large part of this project is the cross-referencing of local survey records with each monument in the Public Land Survey System. This project will also work to improve the quality of the geometries and attributes for the GIS data representing the PLSS elements. The GIS is being built on top of GCDB data from public sources.

The California Central Valley Control Network

Redefined Horizons, with support from KSN and other member companies of the CLSA Central Valley Chapter, is creating a survey control network for California’s Central Valley. The network is focused on San Joaquin County and the surrounding counties. The control network is being assembled from static GPS control surveys throughout the region.