Workshop Program: Creating a Land Surveying (or Civil Engineering) Organization Structure That Aligns With Your Business Strategy


Morning Session

This workshop is typically taught in the afternoon, with the workshop "Why Standard Business Processes are Critical to the Sucess of Your Land Surveying or Civil Engineering Organization" taught in the morning session.

Afternoon Session

This is a 3.5-hour workshop that teaches land surveyors and civil engineers how to create an organization structure that best fits their overall business strategy. During the first part of the workshop, Landon defines business strategy, explains its 4 parts, looks at how to design a business strategy. In the second part of the workshop, Landon looks at the 3 types of structures for land surveying and civil engineering organizations, examines roles and job descriptions, and outlines steps to create an organization structure that aligns with a business strategy. He concludes the workshop by examining the differences in organization structure in small versus large organizations and in government versus private organizations.



What You Will Learn

  1. The four parts of a comprehensive business strategy.
  2. The parts of a value network and their relationship to your organizations business model.
  3. How to define an organization mission and operating principles.
  4. The best ways to avoid hypocrisy and lip service after you've decided on a business strategy.
  5. Identifying your market niche.
  6. Considering the role of technology in your business strategy.
  7. How to define a team member role and write an effective job description.
  8. How to use job descriptions to handle compensation increases, professional development, and human capital decisions.
  9. The tradeoffs between flexibility and structure in your organization.

Teacher Bio

Landon has practiced as a licensed land surveyor in Central California and Western Nevada for 15 years. He is a Certified Federal Surveyor and an active member of the California Land Surveyor's Association and the American Council of Engineering Companies (California Branch).

He managed land surveying teams for three (3) different private surveying and civil engineering companies in Central California. In these roles he has helped to define and implement business strategy. This has included entering new market segments and implementing services built around new technologies. He helped to implement robotic total stations, terrestrial laser scanning, and GIS at all 3 of his past surveying teams.

Landon is a devoted student of economics, business management, and business strategy. He makes great efforts to apply better business practices to his own surveying and to help other surveyors and civil engineers do the same.


Landon Blake Business Portrait

Workshop Outline

  1. What Is Business Strategy?
  2. Defining A Business Strategy
  3. Understanding The 3 Basic Types of Structures For Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Organizations
  4. The Importance of Properly Designed Roles and Job Descriptions
  5. Technical Skills Versus Management Skills (And The 3 Types Of Team Members)
  6. Aligning Your Organization Structure And Human Talent With Your Business Strategy
  7. The Tradeoffs Between Flexibility and Structure
  8. Structure and Strategy Differences For Small Organizations Versus Large Organizations
  9. Structure and Strategy Differences For Government Versus The Private Sector

Workshop Questions

The workshop will answer these questions:

  1. What is a business strategy?
  2. How is an organization mission different from its operating principles?
  3. What is a value network and what are its parts?
  4. How do you avoid paying lip service to your business strategy and why is this critically important to your team members?
  5. What is the role of technology in your business strategy?
  6. What are the 3 types of common organization structures in land surveying and civil engineering organizations?
  7. How do you write an effective job description? How do you use job descriptions?
  8. What are the differences between technical skills and management skills?
  9. What are the 3 basic type of employees in land surveying and civil engineering organizations?
  10. Should your organization aim for more structure or more flexibility?
  11. How is organization structure in a small surveying organization different from organization structure in a large surveying organization?

Workshop Exercises

The workshop will include the following exercises:

  1. Defining a business strategy.
  2. Evaluating technology purchases.
  3. Evaluating proposal opportunities.
  4. Defining a job description for an assistant surveyor.

Price for the Morning Session

The morning session of this workshop is free. However, audience members attending the morning session are asked to make a donation to the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship. The minimum suggested donation amount is $49. Please register for the workshop first, and then make your donation on the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship using our form. You must register online to attend the morning session. This allows us to e-mail you information for the workshop and to ensure we have enough bandwidth for everyone to stream the program.

Price for the Afternoon Session

The cost to attend the afternoon session of the workshop is $149. This price includes an attendance certificate. It also gives you the option to have us help track your professional development hours. Register for the workshop using our simple form, and you will be e-mailed a link to pay for the workshop fee. If you would like to be mailed an invoice instead of paying the workshop fee online with a credit card, send Landon an e-mail. We can prepare and mail you an invoice. (The invoice must be paid 1 week before the date of the workshop.)

Professional Development Hours

You should be able to count 3.5 hours of professional development for the morning session of the workshop and 3.5 hours for the afternoon session of the workshop. This is a total of 7 hours for both sessions. (Please check with your licensing board or certifying authority on the eligibility of this workshop for your specific continuing education requirements.) If you attend both sessions and pay for the afternoon session, we will send you an attendance certificate for both the morning and afternoon session.

Date, Time and Location

This workshop isn't currently scheduled.

Take This Training As An Online Course

This training is offered as an online course for individuals and groups. Certification of course completion is available. If you would like to take this training as an online course, or would like us to offer an online course to your team, please reach out to Landon Blake by e-mail.

Customize This Training For Your Organization

Redefined Horizons can customize this training to meet the specific needs of your organization. We can add or remove topics, craft examples from your practice, and design systems to measure team member learning. If you are interested in customizing this training for your organization, please reach out to Landon Blake by e-mail.

About the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship

The morning session of this workshop supports the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship.

Terry Hayden was a very important part of the land surveying community in Central California. He founded his company, Aerial Photomapping Services, in 1987. He was a member of the American Society For photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, California Land Surveyors Association, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, ACEC California, and the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors. Terry also held a Registered Photogrammetrist License with the State of Oregon.

Under Terry’s guidance APS developed a reputation as a high-quality photogrammetry and remote sensing service provider. He was a key business partner of land surveying and civil engineering firms throughout the California Central Valley. The quality of Terry’s photogrammetric work was second-to-none, and he was a good friend to many of his clients.

Terry was also involved in commercial art, graphic arts, and fine art photography. His black-and-white photography is in private and public art collections around the United States. He taught photography at the Wadsworth Athenuem in Hartford, Connecticut and at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.

Host This Workshop

Would you like to host this workshop at your organization or in your community? Redefined Horizons teaches workshops across the Western United States. If you are interested in hosting this talk, please contact Landon Blake by e-mail.

We can offer the course at a discount for members of your organization or support a local scholarship of your choice if you host the workshop.

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