Workshop Program: Right-of-Way Management for Public Works


Morning Session

The morning session is 3.5 hours long. It begins with Part 1 of the workshop, “Land Title Considerations For Public Works Projects”. It concludes with Part 2 of the workshop, “Preparing a Comprehensive Right-of-Way Management Plan (Project Specific)”.

Afternoon Session

The morning session is 3.5 hours long. It begins with Part 3 of the workshop, “A Long Term Right-of-Way Management System”. As time permits, it concludes with a discussion of recent court decisions related to right-of-way management.



What You Will Learn

  1. The roots of the US land title system.
  2. The differences in the 3 types of land title products provided on a public works project.
  3. The 3 questions you need to ask about property rights acquired on a public works project.
  4. How land title is related to the life cycle of a public works project.
  5. The 8 elements you need to include in your project specific right-of-way management plan.
  6. How your land surveyor interacts with your land title professional and real property appraiser during right-of-way acquisition.
  7. How you can use GIS as a tool to enable an agency wide right-of-way management system.

Teacher Bio

Landon has practiced as a licensed land surveyor in Central California and Western Nevada for 15 years. He specializes in providing surveying services to support the design and maintenance of large public works. These public works include dams, levees, canals, pipelines, roads, and railroads. 

Landon believes strongly in the potential to improve the way we currently acquire and maintain right-of-way for public works. This includes improving understanding and communication between the civil engineers that design projects and the land professionals that provide the right-of-way upon which those projects are built.

Landon Blake Business Portrait

Workshop Outline

Part 1: Land Title Considerations For Public Works Projects

  1. Understanding land title in the US Real Property System.
  2. The big 3 questions you need to ask about the property rights you are acquiring for your public works project.
  3. Land title and the public works project lifecycle.
  4. Common land title problems that derail public works projects.

Part 2: Preparing A Comprehensive Right-of-Way Management Plan (Project Specific)

  1. Why do you need a plan?
  2. The 8 elements of a comprehensive right-of-way management plan.
  3. A detailed review of the land surveyor's role in right-of-way location and acquisition.
  4. A detailed review of the land attorney's role in right-of-way acquisition.
  5. The common "touch points" between land survey, land title, and real property appraisal.
  6. What to do when your experts don't agree.

Part 2: Implementing a Long-Term Right-of-Way Management System

  1. Why do you need a system?
  2. The 3 key parts of a system.
  3. The "right-of-way by prescription" bandage.
  4. Using GIS as an implementation tool.
  5. Tips and tricks.

Part 4: Recent Right-of-Way Court Decision Review (As Time Allows)

  1. A review of Thomas Versus the County of Sacramento
  2. A review of Kolling Versus Mitterbach
  3. A review of Gomez Versus Kanawha County Commission
  4. A review of Lynn Versus Wentworth By The Sea
  5. A review of UPRR Versus Sante Fe Pipelines

Workshop Questions

The workshop will answer these questions:

  1. What are the 3 types of land title products typically provided on a public works project?
  2. How is a chain-of-title analysis different than a land title report?
  3. What three questions do you need to ask about the property right you are acquiring for your public works project?
  4. How does a right-of-way become “overburdened”?
  5. What are common land title problem areas that can derail a public works project?
  6. Who should design the right-of-way footprint for your public works project?
  7. What should be included in a comprehensive right-of-way management plan for a public works project?
  8. How can GIS be used to help you track right-of-way?
  9. What survey actions do you need to monitor along your right-of-way?

Workshop Exercises

The workshop will include the following exercises:

  1. Analyzing potential land title problems on a proposed road project.
  2. Understanding a problem right-of-way land description.
  3. Reviewing an example subdivision map with a clouded right-of-way dedication.

Professional Development Hours

You should be able to count 3.5 hours of professional development for the morning session of the workshop and 3.5 hours for the afternoon session of the workshop. This is a total of 7 hours for both sessions. (Please check with your licensing board or certifying authority on the eligibility of this workshop for your specific continuing education requirements.) If you attend both sessions and pay for the afternoon session, we will send you an attendance certificate for both the morning and afternoon session.

Date, Time and Location

This workshop is currently scheduled for April 12, 2017 in Pleasanton, California.

Price for the Morning Session

The price for the morning session is $149.

Price for the Afternoon Session

The price to attend the afternoon session of the workshop is $149. 

Take This Training As An Online Course

This training is offered as an online course for individuals and groups. Certification of course completion is available. If you would like to take this training as an online course, or would like us to offer an online course to your team, please reach out to Landon Blake by e-mail.

Customize This Training For Your Organization

Redefined Horizons can customize this training to meet the specific needs of your organization. We can add or remove topics, craft examples from your practice, and design systems to measure team member learning. If you are interested in customizing this training for your organization, please reach out to Landon Blake by e-mail.

About the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship

The morning session of this workshop supports the Terry Hayden Memorial Scholarship.

Terry Hayden was a very important part of the land surveying community in Central California. He founded his company, Aerial Photomapping Services, in 1987. He was a member of the American Society For photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, California Land Surveyors Association, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, ACEC California, and the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors. Terry also held a Registered Photogrammetrist License with the State of Oregon.

Under Terry’s guidance APS developed a reputation as a high-quality photogrammetry and remote sensing service provider. He was a key business partner of land surveying and civil engineering firms throughout the California Central Valley. The quality of Terry’s photogrammetric work was second-to-none, and he was a good friend to many of his clients.

Terry was also involved in commercial art, graphic arts, and fine art photography. His black-and-white photography is in private and public art collections around the United States. He taught photography at the Wadsworth Athenuem in Hartford, Connecticut and at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.

Host This Workshop

Would you like to host this workshop at your organization or in your community? Redefined Horizons teaches workshops across the Western United States. If you are interested in hosting this talk, please contact Landon Blake by e-mail.

We can offer the course at a discount for members of your organization or support a local scholarship of your choice if you host the workshop.

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