About the SurveyOS Project

Introduction To The SurveyOS Project

The Survey Open Source (SurveyOS) Project is a non-profit project of the Software Freedom Conservancy dedicated to fostering cooperation between land surveyors and GIS professionals. It serves as the main vehicle through which Redefined Horizons releases open source software developed as part of its core business.

At the current time the code being release via the SurveyOS Project falls under five (5) categories:

  1. SurveyLISP: A set of AutoLISP libraries and commands adding support for GIS data (and other CAD functionality) to Autodesk and IntelliCAD products.
  2. OpenJUMP Plug-ins: A set of plug-in designed to improve the functionality of OpenJUMP.
  3. JTS Warped: A library that provides complementary functionality to the Java Topology Suite, the geometry library used by OpenJUMP.
  4. JUMPLib: A software library that extracts and repackages the best reusable components of OpenJUMP into a stand-alone Java programming library.
  5. The SurveyOS KML Toolkit: A toolkit written in the Ruby programming language to enable the efficient creation and management of KML data.
  6. SlitherGrid: A toolkit for the manipulation and analysis of “non-image” raster geospatial data written in pure Python (with no C library dependencies).