SlitherGrid Improvements at the OSGeo California Chapter Hack-A-Thon

During the January 2013 Hack-A-Thon I was able to work on the SlitherGrid code base. Here are a list of the source code improvements I accomplished during the Hack-A-Thon:

TwoDeeGrid Class Constructor Improvements:

  • Set the default map for cell channels.
  • Set the number of row and columns.
  • Set cell width and height.
  • Calculate and set row direction.
  • Calculate and set column direction.
  • Set list of row data. (Call the “createRows” method.)

TwoDeeGrid Class Method Improvements:

  • getRow method was implemented.
  • getColumn method was implemented.
  • getCell method was implemented.
  • Removed all methods related to cell selection so class can be immutable. Cell selections will be supported in future modifications through an external class.
  • Added a convertGridCoordinateToWorldCoordinate method and a convertWorldCoordinateToGridCoordinate method.

Other Improvements:

  • Added a CoordinateUtilities class to the Module.
  • Added a getDistanceBetweenCoordinates method to the CoordinateUtilities class.
  • Added a getChangeInNorthing and getChangeInEasting method to the BasicAngle class of the module.
  • Added exception code to the Module.

Now this all needs to be unit tested. 😛

The Sunburned Surveyor