Standards: Simple COGO Text Format Version 1.0 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of the first open technology standard at the SurveyOS Project today. The standard being released is Version 1 of the Simple Coordinate Geometry (COGO) Text Format. The format defines a simple delimited text file format that allows for the storage and transfer of coordinate geometry measurements. The goal of the standard is to increase the portability of polar coordinate measurement data typically collected, recorded, and created by land surveyors.

This first version of the specification contains support for 4 entry types. Additional entry types (like deflection angles, closed figure markers, named traverse networks, parallel lines, and line extensions) will be added in future versions of the specification.

I’m currently working on a Java software library that will be included in JTS Warped that will support reading and writing of the format defined in the specification. A demonstration of the library will be built using the Simple Swing Pluggable Program. This demo toolkit will provide a Graphical User Interface that allows for the software parsing and visual inspection of Simple COGO Text Format (SCTF) files. It will also allow the user to process SCTF files and output the resulting points to a delimited text file or the resulting points and lines to OGC WKT format.

I’d also like to support this format in OpenJUMP.

Please contact me at or if you are interested in working on the specification or supporting it in your software.

Version 1 of the Simple COGO Text Format can be downloaded from the SurveyOS Files Web Page on SourceForge.
You can view the current source code in JTS warped for SCTF files in the SurveyOS SVN.

The Sunburned Surveyor