Add Tangible Value As A Real Estate Agent By Answering Survey Questions

If you are a real estate broker or agent you can add tangible value for the buyers you represent by answering simple survey questions. We can help you do that.

Help your buyer answer these questions about a potential parcel purchase on your next commercial real estate transaction:

  1. Have the property corner monuments ever been set?
  2. Has the property ever been surveyed? When was the last time the property was surveyed?
  3. Is there a high risk of building encroachments across a property line or a high risk of building setback violations?
  4. Does the owner information in the vesting deed match the owner information in the land title report and tax assessor map?
  5. Does the tax assessor parcel match the described parcel in the vesting deed and land title report?
  6. Are there red flags in the list of exceptions to title insurance that deserve further inspection?

Qualified real estate brokers and agents can contact us anytime to get answers to these questions for parcels at no cost for these California Counties:

  • Alameda
  • Calaveras
  • Contra Costa
  • Merced
  • Sacramento
  • Stanislaus
  • San Joaquin
  • Tuloumne

For your convenience, we’ve put up an online form that you can use to order a free boundary and land title quick check which answers the questions listed above. You can also contact us by phone or e-mail for help.

Stand out from your competition. Be one of the few real estate brokers or agents that works closely with a great land surveyor. Stand out with a great partner! We can help!

If you are interested about our project experience in Central California, visit our Project Summaries web page.