The Corner Stone Boundary Surveying Magazine

A cornerstone was the most important part of an ancient building. It was the large stone set to form the basis of the buildings foundation. It provided stability and direction that guided the rest of the construction effort. The term “cornerstone” has evolved to mean “an import feature on which a particular thing depends or is based”.

Of course, most boundary surveyors think a very different object when you use the term “corner stone”. Many boundary surveyors relate this term to the actual stone or rock monuments set to mark many historic property corners in the United States. We’ve chosen “corner stone” as the title for our regular digital magazine on boundary surveying in the United States. This is an apt title, as boundary surveying forms the “cornerstone” or foundation of our entire real property system in this nation.

The Corner Stone Boundary Surveying Magazine includes articles on the following topics:

  1. Court decisions on matters related to boundary surveying and land title.
  2. Best practices for boundary surveying and the business of boundary surveying.
  3. Updates on the land title industry.
  4. Government regulation of boundary surveying and the land subdivision process.

All the articles in the magazine are released under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. That means you can copy, modify, combine, publish, and distribute the articles for non-commercial purposes.

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List of Issues

September 2015 Cornerstone Magazine [PDF Version]

December 2016 Cornerstone Magazine [PDF Version]

September 2017 Cornerstone Magazine [PDF Version]