Project Summary: Crabtree Family and Modesto Irrigation District Lot Line Adjustments

The Crabtree owns several large agricultural parcels in Eastern Stanislaus County. There lands border on the MID Main Canal and Modesto Reservoir. MID and the Crabrtee Family wanted to resolve land title issues by performing lot-line-adjustments and moving their lot lines to match physical features on the ground. Redefined Horizons team members worked with MID and the Crabtree Family on the boundary surveying, land title, and land planning work to perform the lot-line-adjustments.

Our team members executed the following tasks as part of the scope-of-services on the project:

  • Control surveys.
  • Boundary surveys.
  • Land title research and chain-of-title exhibit preparation.
  • Coordination with MID, lenders, and land title companies.
  • Preparation of lot-line-adjustment applications.
  • Preparation of land description packages (legal descriptions).
  • Interpretation of historical maps of MID Reservoir.