Don’t Know The Local Land Development Rules? We Can Help

Do you know the local land development rules in the jurisdiction that will regulate your next real estate project?

Here is a great quote from George Garcia in the Winter 2020 of Nevada APA Magazine:

“What can slow-up, or perhaps destroy, a project in the permitting stage of a development is when assumptions are made by a developer that the permits can be attained in the same manner and time frame as other jurisdictions in which they have worked in the past.”

I often need to remind our development clients that the land use regulations in each city and county are unique. In addition, other special regions, like the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta of the Lake Tahoe Basin, have there own land-use planning regulations layered on top of the local land-use regulations.

If you want to develop land in Central California or Western Nevada, work with a good land surveyor and private land planner, and take the time to understand the SPECIFIC land use regulations and processes that apply to your project.

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