Flood Hazard Management Services

A surveyor running a level in new home construction for elevation certificates.


On this web page you can learn more about the flood hazard management services provided by Redefined Horizons. You can also watch this video for a brief overview of the flood hazard management services our team provides. If you need help with flood hazard management, please reach out to Landon Blake.

What is flood hazard management?

Flood hazard management involves two main things. The first is the identification and analysis of flood hazards. (For example: Understanding the extent and depth of a flood plain along a creek.) The second is helping clients meet the regulatory requirements for building or developing land in our near a flood zone. (For example: Preparing a LOMR to remove an elevated area of a real estate parcel from the flood zone.) Our team at Redefined Horizons can help with both types of flood hazard management.

Types Of Flood Hazard Management Services

We can provide a quick turn-around on survey work products needed to meet the requirements of FEMA and local flood control agencies. Our delivery time frame for an elevation certificate or LOMA/LOMR is typically 10 working days or less. Here is a quick bullet list of our flood hazard management services:

  • Preparation of elevation certificates.
  • Preparation of letters of map amendment (LOMAs).
  • Preparation of letters of map revision (LOMRs).
  • Completion of local agency flood certifications and letters.
  • Review and correction of flood insurance rate studies/flood insurance rate maps (FIS and FIRMS).
  • Survey support for new flood studies (geodetic control surveys and topographic surveys).
  • Design and implementation of flood fight maps.
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of flood hazard management GIS (geographic information systems).

Why Hire Redefined Horizons For Your Flood Hazard Management?

There are several reasons why you should hire the team at Redefined Horizons for your flood hazard management:

  • We have extensive experience with flood hazard management. This includes decades of experience managing flood hazards in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.
  • We have experience working with FEMA, the California Department of Water Resources, and local flood control agencies.
  • We have unique experience working with levees and levee systems.
  • We have surveyed during actual flood fights and flood events.
  • We have a deep understanding of the National Flood Insurance Program and federal regulations to manage floods.
  • Our skill with geodetic surveying and GIS put us in an excellent position to manage flood hazards.

Our Videos About Flood Hazard Management

Here is a list of our videos about flood hazard management:

Flood Hazard Managment
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Flood Hazard Managment
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We provide elevation certificates, LOMAs, LOMRs, flood plain mapping, and flood hazard analysis.