Flood Plain Analysis On Saint Helena Creek – Lake County – California

Our team at Redefined Horizons has just completed analysis and mapping of the flood plain along a portion of Saint Helena Creek in Lake County, California. The floodplain mapping was performed to help plan the development of a ranch estate of several hundred acres through which Saint Helena Creek flowed. Our team provided the following services for the client on this survey:

  1. UAV aerial topographic mapping.
  2. Ground surveys to locate structures.
  3. Calculation of base flood elevations using the flood insurance study data.
  4. Calculation of the floodplain boundary.
  5. Preparation of exhibits showing the existing site topography, existing structures and the calculated floodplain boundary.

This survey is an example of how we can assist our clients with management of flood hazards. Flood hazards are a major risk that needs to be mitigated on land development projects in Central California.