How To Choose An Excellent Land Surveyor

You can use the articles linked to on this web page to help pick an excellent land surveyor for your next real estate transaction or land development project.

How To Choose The Right Sized Land Surveyor

In this article we defined what land surveyors do on real estate transactions and land development projects. We talk about why you need a land surveyor in these situations. Then we explain the 3 basic sizes of land surveying companies and the difference between surveyors that contract for the government and those that work in the private sector. We wrap up with a list of 5 questions you need to ask to select the right-size land surveyor for your project.

4 Ways A Good Land Surveyor Strives For Excellent Communication

In this article you will learn the three (3) reasons why critical communication from your land surveyor is so important on a real estate or land development project. Then you will learn 4 ways a good land surveyor strives for excellent communication with their client and other members of a project team.

The $1,200 Lot Survey That Did More Harm Than Good

In this article you will hear a story about a $1,200 lot survey from Sonora, California. The story teaches you why it is important to have a boundary surveyor that asks questions and understands the problem you are trying to solve. It also helps you understand why having a real estate broker represent both a buyer and seller in a transaction can be a bad idea.