A Land Title Survey In 5 Days

Get Your Land Title Survey In 5 Days Or Less

We know that timing is critical to commercial real estate transactions. Redefined Horizons can turn around your land title survey (ALTA survey) around in 5 days or less from notice-to-proceed.

This 5 day turn-around includes the time we need to complete our field surveys, review of the land title report, and UAV flight.

Use the form below to order a proposal for your land title survey (ALTA survey) in Central California.

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What Comes With Every One Of Our Land Title Surveys

5 Reasons To Choose Our Team For Your Land Title Survey

  • A high resolution low-altitude UAV orthophoto.

  • A technical report explaining any risks and uncertainty in the boundary resolution and easement mapping.

  • A categorized listing of exceptions from the land title report.

  • A list of recommendations to address with the seller and land title company based on the results of our survey.

  • A zoning report.

  • We have over 3 decades of combined experience with private land surveys in Central California.

  • We are based in the California Central Valley with very affordable hourly rates.

  • We do high-quality work. Our entire business is built on helpoing people identify and mitigate risk in private real estate transactions and land development projects.

  • Our team has worked with multiple law firms and title companies on deals in the Bay Area worth hundreds of millions of dollars.