Land Use Planning Services

Private land use planning evaluates and proposes uses of real estate parcels. Private land use planning includes:

  • Proposing the type of uses
  • Proposing the configuration (or arrangements) of the uses.
  • The conceptual design of buildings and infrastructure to support proposed uses.
  • The evaluation of the expenses, income and profitability of proposed uses.
  • The analysis and interpretation of government land use regulations that apply to private property.

Private land use planning is an important element of maximizing the value of real estate. Government land use regulations have a huge impact on how land can be used and developed. Land owners need to understand those regulations before they improve their land or change its use. If you need help with land use planning or complying with government land use regulations, please reach out to Landon Blake.

What Types Of Land Use Planning Services Does Redefined Horizons Provide?

Our team at Redefined Horizons provides the following types of land use planning services:

  • Review and analysis of general plans and specific plans.
  • Preparation of zoning reports.
  • Preparation of LAFCO annexation documents.
  • Preparation of specific plans.
  • Preparation of community facility district formation documents.
  • Preparation of business improvement district formation documents.
  • Tentative parcel map applications.
  • Tentative subdivision map applications.
  • Zoning variance applications.
  • Conditional use permit applications.
  • Preparation of site plans.
  • General plan amendments.
  • Neighborhood and community design.
  • Large scale 3D modeling and renderings of land development and civil infrastructure projects.

Why Hire Redefined Horizons For Your Land Use Planning?

There are several reasons why you should hire Redefined Horizons for your land use planning needs:

  • Our team members have decades of combined private sector and public sector experience with land use planning.
  • Our land use planning skills are based on a deep understanding of the real estate market and real estate law.
  • We stay current with laws and regulations related to land use.
  • We regularly work with architects, civil engineers, land developers, builders and government land use regulators.
  • Our work as land surveyors helps us translate land use plans into projects that can actually be built.
  • We have the ability to communicate plans and project concepts with 3D modeling and modern graphic design.
Land Use Planning
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Land Use Planning
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Land use planning for private land development projects and commercial real estate projects. This includes zoning reports, tentative maps, site plans, specific plans, LAFCO annexation documents, and conditional use permit applications.