Large Encroachments Revealed In Land Title Survey Blow-Up Commercial Real Estate Transaction

I took a bummer phone call this week from a California land-owner.

He has a commercial parcel with a 30-foot encroachment on his east side and a 25-foot encroachment on his west side. The last surveyor blew up the pending sale of the parcel with his land title survey and walked away without offering the land-owner any solutions on how to fix the problem with the encroachments.

Now I’m trying to help the land-owner fix the problems with the help of a land attorney…but while we are working on a solution he can’t sell.

Don’t find yourself in this situation. Property encroachments (buildings, parking lots, or other features that cross a property boundary) happen all the time! Get a survey before you buy!

Let me help!

I won’t charge you anything to answer the following questions about a parcel you want to buy in California or Nevada:

1) When was it last surveyed?
2) Are there problems with the deed?
3) Are the property corner monuments set?
4) Is there a high risk of a building encroachment?
5) Does the information in the deed match the tax assessor map reasonably well?