Monument Preservation Services

A monument being chisled from under pavement.


Monument preservation is the identification, search for, and location of property corner monuments that might be damaged or disturbed during construction. Monument preservation is a requirement of state law. Organizations that meet the requirements of monument preservation avoid liability. Proper monument preservation also prevents serious harm to real estate parcels in or next to the construction zone of a project. If you are interested in talking to us about your needs for monument preservation, please reach out to Landon Blake.

What Type Of Monument Preservation Services Does Redefined Horizons Provide?

We provide the following monument preservation services to our clients:

  • Property corner monument research and identification.
  • Pre-construction corner records.
  • Post-construction corner records.
  • Monument preservation record-of-survey maps.
  • Monument preservation certification letters.
  • Monument preservation plan sheets, specifications, standard notes, and standard details for civil engineering plans.
  • Monument preservation program management.
  • GIS design and implementation for monument preservation.

Free Monument Preservation Services

We provide the following free monument preservation services to qualified local governments, engineering companies, land developers, architects and builders:

  • Monument preservation program design.
  • Review of civil engineering plans for monument preservation compliance.
  • Initial consultation on monument preservation implementation for civil engineering projects.
  • Initial consultation on monument preservation integration in the geographic information systems.
  • Training of construction managers and inspectors on monument preservation implementation.

Why Hire Redefined Horizons For Your Monument Preservation

There are several reasons why you should hire Redefined Horizons for your monument preservation needs:

  • Our team has prepared and filed hundreds of corner records, monument preservation record-of-survey maps, and monument preservation certification letters.
  • We have a dedicated monument preservation team lead by a monument preservation specialist.
  • All of our monument preservation services are closely supervised by a licensed land surveyor.

Monument Preservation
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We identify, search for and locate property corner monuments that might be destroyed by construction. We also help organizations meet the monument preservation requirements of state law.