Nine Ways We Can Help You In Commercial Real Estate (Long Before You Need A Survey)

If you are investing in commercial real estate or developing land in California, you need more than just a survey. We can help with that!

We work with our partners to help you evaluate real estate investment opportunities and development potential for parcels in Central California!

These partners include other folks in real estate (appraisers, attorneys, land title officers). Our partners also include folks in the design professions (civil engineers and architects).

We can do specific things to help you, long before you need to spend the money on a survey. How can we help?:

  1. We can check on the zoning and other local government agency requirements that apply to the subject parcel.
  2. We can evaluate your level of flood risk, which is really important in the California Central Valley and along the Pacific Coast.
  3. We can prepare preliminary lot and easement layouts based on government requirements and design concepts.
  4. We can help you brainstorm on design alternatives and prepare sketches and 3D models of your concepts.
  5. We can provide informal valuations and real estate market analysis.
  6. We can provide ballpark design and construction cost estimates.
  7. We can combine information from our analysis and other sources to help you determine if potential project will pencil.
  8. We can work with land attorneys to help you assess your legal risk and uncertainty in the development process.
  9. We can offer creative solutions to fix boundary, land title, and land use planning obstacles to development.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with commercial real estate (long before you need a land survey), we are happy to send you a sample scope-of-services to review, based on our work for past clients. Contact us to get the sample or to talk with us about the parcel of real estate you are interested in.

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