Odds and Ends: California’s Section 8762 Record-of-Survey Map Triggers

Record-of-Survey Map Photo
Record-of-Survey Map Photo

On this page you will find resources related to Section 8762 of California’s Business and Professions Code (Land Surveyor’s Act). This section of state law requires that land surveyors file a record-of-survey map if they meet certain conditions during a boundary field survey. The resources on this page include the following:

  • Copies of attorney general opinions related to record-of-survey maps.
  • Letters from the licensing board for land surveyors related to record-of-survey maps.
  • Historical copies of the Land Surveyor’s Act.

Attorney General Opinions

  • AG 47-074 (Can a county refuse to file a record-of-survey map representing a land subdivision if it has already approved the tentative map for the subdivision?) Download
  • AG 47-127 (Is the record-of-survey map referred to in the Subdivision Map Act different from the record-of-survey map referred to in the Land Surveyors Act?) Download
  • AG 48-089 (May a city require a minor subdivision of 4 parcels or less be memorialized by a record-of-survey map?) Download
  • AG 51-061 (May a record-of-survey map be filed if it showns parcel boundary lines that don’t yet exist?) Download
  • AG 57-137 (May a county clerk and recorder file a record-of-survey map if it hasn’t been checked by a county surveyor?) Download
  • AG 59-045 (What event marks the official “filing date” for a record-of-survey map?) Download
  • AG NS-5942 (Does an independent surveyor under a federal contract and performing a survey of federal land have to file a record-of-survey map?) Download
  • AG 94-518 (May a city require a record-of-survey map be filed as part of a lot-line-adjustment?) Download

Letters From The Licensing Board on Record-of-Survey Maps

  • 990-04-09 Letter Regarding Tentative Subdivision Maps (Download)
  • 2007-01-03 Letter Regarding “Physical Change” (Download)

Historic Versions Of The California Land Surveyor’s Act

Below are links to the historic versions of the Land Surveyors Act (California Business and Professions Code) in California. You can read these copies of the historic act to see how the rules relating to record-of-survey maps have changed over time.