Our Team

Dani Cano

Dani Cano is a lifetime resident of the California Central Valley. He grew up west of Modesto, California and currently lives in Oakdale, California. Dani has over 15 years of experience in surveying for public works projects and private development projects.

Dani Cano is a Project Manager at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Dani by e-mail at dani.cano@redefinedhorizons.com.

Brian Leiser

Brian Leiser is a specialist in UAV photogrammetry and UAV LiDAR. He currently hangs his hat in Pollock Pines, a small town in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Brian is a long-time friend of Dani Cano and Landon Blake. Brian has over 15 years of experience in applying technology like UAVs and terrestrial laser scanning the mapping needs of government agencies and utility companies.

Brian Leiser is a Project Manager at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Brian by e-mail at brian.leiser@redefinedhorizons.com.

Elaina Cazares

Elaina was born and raised in Stockton, but now lives in Patterson, California. She works at Redefined Horizons as a Junior Mapper/Junior Analyst. In this role Elaina helps with the preparation of maps, drawings, and exhibits. She also executes GIS tasks and helps read and interpret land records.

You can e-mail Elaina at elaina.cazares@redefinedhorizons.com.

Austin Hart

Austin Hart is a Junior Mapper/Junior Analyst at Redefined Horizons. He provides CAD drafting and other technical support. He also helps Dani and Landon manage the record-of-survey map review and filing process. Austin is a life-long resident of Stockton, California.

You can e-mail Austin Hart at austin.hart@redefinedhorizons.com.

Hunter Stetson

Hunter Stetson is a Land Surveyor In Training and a graduate from the geomatics engineering program at California State University Fresno. Hunter works at Redefined Horizons in the office and field as an assistant land surveyor. Hunter lives with his wife and their daughter Diana in Oakdale, California.

You can reach Hunter at hunter.stetson@redefinedhorizons.com.

Angelo Cazares

Angelo Cazares is a survey rodman/apprentice at Redefined Horizons. Angelo is a Stockton native and currently lives in East Stockton.

You can reach Angelo at angelo.cazares@redefinedhorizons.com.

Bri Rodriguez

Bri Rodriguez is an adminsitrative assistant at Redefined Horizons. Bri is a Stockton native and student in the biology program at CSUI Stanislaus in Turlock, California.

You can reach Bri at bri.rodriguez@redefinedhorizons.com.

Monique Blake

Monique Blake serves as the human resources lead and office manager for Redefined Horizons. She has been married to a land surveyor for almost 20 years.

You can reach Monique at monique.blake@redefinedhorizons.com.

Landon Blake

Landon Blake has worked in Central California as a land surveyor for the past 18 years. He specializes in boundary surveying, land use planning, and project management for private real estate transactions and land development projects.

Landon is a Senior Land Surveyor at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Landon at landon.blake@redefinedhorizons.com.