Our Team

Landon Blake

Landon Blake has worked in Central California as a land surveyor for the past 18 years. He specializes in boundary surveying, land use planning, and project management for private real estate transactions and land development projects.

Landon is the Senior Land Surveyor at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Landon at landon.blake@redefinedhorizons.com.

Landon Blake Business Portrait

Vanessa Blake

Vanessa works as a land planner and client relationship manager for Redefined Horizons. Vanessa has been working in the real estate industry for the past 4 years. Vanessa works regularly with land surveyors, civil engineers and land attorneys to plan an execute real estate projects.

You can reach Vanessa by e-mail at vanessa.blake@redefinedhorizons.com

Vanessa Blake Business Portrait

Dani Cano

Dani Cano is a lifetime resident of the California Central Valley. He grew up west of Modesto, California and currently lives in Oakdale, California. Dani has over 15 years of experience in surveying for public works projects and private development projects.

Dani Cano is a Project Surveyor at Redefined Horizons.

You can reach Dani by e-mail at dano.cano@redefinedhorizons.com.

Brigitte Conceicao

Brigitte Conceicao is a Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeper with several years of experience. She has supported directors and executives for various companies, in industries such as real estate, tech, and the banking.

Brigitte works as a virtual assistant for Redefined Horizons. In this role, Brigitte performs administrative duties, assists with document design, publishing, and marketing.

Portrait of Brigitte Conceicao.