Project Summary: Boundary and Topo Surveys For Embarcadero Center – San Francisco

Embarcadero Center is a commercial complex made up of five (5) towers and over 100 shops, bars, restaurants and other small businesses on a 3 level plaza. The center is located in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Members of the team at Redefined Horizons worked with the owner of Embarcadero Center and a project architect to support the design of street and plaza improvements. As part of the project our team members executed the following tasks on the project:

  • Completed a full boundary survey of 4 city blocks to determine the street right-of-way boundaries surrounding and dividing the center.
  • Completed a dozen design topographic surveys of building entrances and adjacent street frontage.
  • Performed an inventory of tile patterns in all three (3) levels of the plaza. The inventory included interior building photos with a photo index and CAD drawings showing the extent and dimensions of tile patterns.