Spring 2020 Land Title Basics Webinar Series

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This web page provides information about a webinar series Redefined Horizons is teaching in the spring of 2020 about the land title system in the United States. The webinar series will cover land title basics and will have 3 parts.

Why Do You Need To Learn About Land Title and Land Title Insurance?

Land title is a critical component of real estate transactions in the US. Land title is also an important part of land development. In essence, land title is how you prove that you own rights to a parcel of land.

Land title problems can cause major problems in real estate. These problems become worse if land title insurance coverage isn’t adequate. The following professionals need a good understanding of land title to do their jobs:

  • Land developers.
  • Real estate investors.
  • Land attorneys.
  • Land surveyors.
  • Land appraisers.
  • Other real estate professionals.

Land title problems can cause major problems in real estate. These problems become worse if land title insurance coverage isn’t adequate.

How This Webinar Series Is Going To Help You

If you are new to the real estate business, this webinar series can help you learn the basics of land title. If you are an old pro, this webinar series can help you brush off some rust and pick-up some tips and tricks.
Learning the information in this webinar series will help you in five (5) specific ways:

  1. It will help you understand how the land title system in the US works.
  2. It will help you understand why we have land title insurance and why it is important.
  3. It will help you understand the role of the title insurance company and land surveyor in real estate transactions.
  4. It will help you read a land title report.
  5. It will help you analyze the adequacy of title insurance coverage for specific real estate transactions.

What The Webinar Series Includes

The webinar series includes 5 webinars, taught 2 weeks apart. Each webinar is 1 to 2 hours long (including a Q&A session). Here are the webinar titles, in the order we teach the classes:

  1. The Basics Of The US Land Title System, Its History, And Why We Have Title Insurance
  2. Reading And Understanding Land Title Reports (With Examples)
  3. Landon’s Dirty Dozen: 12 Problems Not Covered By The Typical Land Title Insurance Policy
  4. Understanding The Role Of The Land Surveyor And Land Title Company In Real Estate Transactions
  5. Basics Of Land Title Surveys

Each webinar includes the following:

  • A video lecture by our instructor.
  • A question and answer session. (Questions and answers will be edited and distributed to participants after the webinar.)
  • Checklists for practical use based on the material in the webinar.
  • A voluntary online exam to verify your understanding of concepts taught in the webinar.
  • A certificate of attendance for all those that pass the online exam.

A recording of the webinar will be available for 5 days after the webinar and live Q&A session.

Who Will Benefit The Most From This Webinar Series

This webinar series is designed for real estate investors, real estate lenders, and land developers that want to protect their investments in real estate with a proper understanding of land title insurance. The webinar series will also benefit land attorneys, people just starting a career in the land title industry, appraisers, and land surveyors.

Commercial real estate brokers that want a better understanding of how title insurance protects their buyers, and what type of title insurance their buyers should purchase, will also benefit.

This webinar series is not specifically design for land title experts. Professionals with a long history in the land title industry may be more interested in our advanced land title series that will be taught in the fall of 2020.

About Our Instructor

Landon Blake is a licensed land surveyor in California and Nevada. He is also a Certified Federal Surveyor. Landon has been surveying for over 2 decades. His project experience includes work across Central California, from Downtown San Francisco to the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Landon specializes in boundary surveying, land use planning, and land title services for private real estate transactions. He also serves as an expert witness in disputes over land and water.

Landon is the co-founder of Redefined Horizons. Redefined Horizons is a small, family owned land surveying and land planning business headquartered in Stockton, with an office in Oakdale.

Landon has recently worked on private land development projects in Oakland, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Francisco, Belmont, Brentwood, and Tracy.

How Much Does This Cost?

If you would like to attend, but don’t need a certificate, we are asking for donations of $25 for each webinar, or $99 for the series of 5 webinars.

We will waive the donations if:

  • You are currently unemployed because of the Covid-19 recession.
  • You are a real estate professional from Central California.

If you would like to attend and need a certificate of completion, we are asking for $69 for a single webinar and $279 for the full series of 5 webinars. This helps us cover the costs of designing, creating, grading the exams, and sending the certificates.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are going to make a donation or buy a ticket, you can sign up on our EventBrite page. There is an option to sign-up for individual webinars or for the whole series of 5 webinars, with or without certificates.

If you would like to register without making a donation, please contact Landon Blake with your request.

If you have any questions about registering, please e-mail Vanessa Blake and ask to register.