Survey Guidelines

On this web-site you can download the survey guidelines we use at Redefined Horizons. These guidelines are a work-in-progress. They aren’t perfect. They aren’t a good fit for every surveying organization. However, they are a good place to get inspiration for your own survey guidelines.

Each survey guidelines have 4 primary parts:

  1. Written Guidlines
  2. Workflows
  3. Examples
  4. Templates

Not all guidelines will have all 4 primary parts. (For Example: Simpler guidelines may only have the first element.)

If you are interested in survey guidelines, you should also check out the Caltrans Survey Manual and the book Checklist Manifesto.

If you want to help develop and maintain these guidelines, please contact us and volunteer.

Field Surveying Guidelines

General Field Surveying Guidelines

Field Package Guidelines

Survey Guidelines By Field Survey Type

Boundary Surveys

Building Surveys

Control Surveys

Corner Records

Boundary Surveying Guidelines

Boundary Research Guidelines

Boundary Resolution Guidelines

Other Survey Guidelines

Surveyor Report Templates

There are videos about the boundary survey report and control survey report on the Redefined Horizons YouTube channel:

If you have other surveying guidelines that should be listed on this page, please tell us.

If you are interested in learning how survey guidelines like these can become business processes, you will want to check out these videos I did about how business processes define an organizations capabilities and disabilities: