Watch Out For Unnumbered A Zones (Flood Zones)

Watch out for unnumbered A zones!

This week I got a call about a remodel project in my hometown of Stockton. The potential client was already in escrow and had hired a contractor and an architect for an extensive remodel. They called to get a price on an elevation certificate. After checking the flood map, I realized they were in one of Stockton’s unnumbered A zones. This is a flood zone without a base flood elevation assigned. I knew from previous work the existing home was a couple feet under the preliminary base flood elevation (not yet approved by FEMA).

Neither the seller’s real estate agent or the buyer’s real estate agent informed the buyer about the flood risk.

To make a long story short: The client couldn’t get a building permit for their remodel without raising the existing structure, a huge expense. The client decided to back out of their purchase of the home.

What are the lessons form this story?:

1) If you are buying property in the California Central Valley, know your flood risk!

2) Talk to a good land surveyor before you hire an architect, hire a contractor, or make a major real estate purchase decision!

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